Art for Earth



「アートは何の役に立つのか」 アートという概念が生まれて以来ずっと繰り返されてきた問いです。





















What is the use of art?


”What is the use of art?” This is a question that has been repeated ever since the concept of art was born.


In response to this question, artists and curators have repeatedly given various interpretations, but to be honest, the explanations have left us feeling like we've been caught in a fox.


I think art should be simpler, and the concept should be more easily understood. My answer to this question is, "By buying art, you can help protect the global environment.


You can donate money without buying art. However, through art, the work of art will remain in your hands as a "certificate of contribution to environmental protection," and every time you look at it, you will be able to think about environmental protection. If you tell your friends about the concept of the painting when they come to the room where it is displayed, they may also be interested in it.



I will donate all the proceeds from the sale.


In order to make art a direct activity for the protection of the global environment, all proceeds from the sale of my works (the artist's share) will be donated to a tree planting project after receipt.


Ownership of the work itself will be proof that the purchaser has contributed to global conservation activities.


We hope that you will purchase this work to protect the earth for your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to live a healthy life.